Roberto Serrini



Roberto Serrini refuses to be put in a box dammit. He’s not a car guy, or baby guy, or tabletop guy. His whole deal is bringing authentic perspective to any project that requires something not just fresh, but innovative and clever. 

His work energetically spans brands and genres, from polished studio work to grit and slag docu-style pieces, because Roberto is an empathetic, charismatic director with a fluid vision, that loves bringing ideas together from all facets of culture. His passion for filmmaking wells from his early obsession with world travel; injecting himself into foreign worlds to discover the beauty in the commonality of our differences. He also loves a well-placed semi-colon he’s not going to lie.

Don’t tell anyone, but none of this is work for Roberto, if it was he’d probably take writing this stuff much more seriously. What he really wants you to know is that he loves what he does, and has worked very hard to be as good as he is. He shoots, flies drone, travel writes, loves film, loves sandwiches even more, is a master editor, and considers his work as a filmmaker an extension of the life he likes to live. So yes, a list of awards and a few familiar names you and the Google bots should recognize are offered below to give you an understanding of the caliber and demand of his skill, but really, he’s just looking to work with good people with good ideas.