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Jordan Brady

JORDAN BRADY has directed over 819 national TV spots to date.

Jordan Brady


Jordan Brady began as a stand-up comedian, touring nightclubs and colleges in 49 states across America at age 18. Soon he found his way to California and appeared on every cable stand up comedy show with a brick wall. His first big break came when MTV tapped him to host a game show. Next, he hosted the NBC Saturday Morning series, “Name Your Adventure”, where Jordan found his way behind the camera, adding director and producer to his credits. This led to helming NBC promo shoots and short films for Comedy Central and MTV.

His latest feature film is “‘I Am Battle Comic” – a powerful documentary that features an inspiring comedy tour for our troops – that will make you laugh and make you think about freedom. Jordan is touring to select Landmark Theaters screening the movie to raise money for

Jordan Brady wrote and directed the cult feature mockumentary, “Dill Scallion”, which critic Roger Ebert anointed the “‘Spinal Tap’ of country music.” Brady followed up with the independent film “The Third Wheel” starring Ben Affleck and a young Melissa McCarthy, and the Miramax redneck rom-com “Waking Up In Reno” with Billy Bob Thornton, Patrick Swayze and an undiscovered Charlize Theron.

Mr. Brady’s first documentary is “I AM COMIC” (Netflix, Showtime, iTunes) The film explores the art & occupational hazards of being a stand-up comic. It stars Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy, Chris Harwick, Jim Gaffigan and 72 other professional comics.

The 2014 sequel “I Am Road Comic” (Netflix, Hulu, iTunes) follows Brady to a “hell gig” to chronicles his first time back on stage doing stand-up in 20 years. Interviews include Marc Maron, T.J. Miller, Maria Bamford, Doug Benson, Pete Holmes and Nikki Glaser and more.

Jordan’s alternate passion is directing commercials. He has directed over 819 national TV spots to date. 

He also hosts a weekly filmmaking podcast called “Respect The Process” on iTunes and at It has been called the “Rosetta Stone of filmmaking.”

Fun fact: Brady coined the sexual innuendo “Bow-chicka-bow-WOW!” to refer to porno-film music in his signature comedy bit, which he did on many cable tv comedy shows. Brady used a 1991 Comedy Central clip of himself doing the famed routine in “I Am Road Comic”.

Jordan lives in Los Angeles with his wife and four kids.