Dale Heslip
Rock ‘n’ Roll corrupted Dale at an early age. As the “Don Kirschner” of Forest Heights Collegiate, he created an annual music variety show. After graduation, Dale promoted rock shows, managed a band and quickly decided that life on the road was too much like a Journey song. By the time Aerosmith asked him to design their live show set, Dale had already “restarted” his directing career. Award-winning music videos for Crash Test Dummies (“The Superman Song”) Rush, Cowboy Junkies and Kim Mitchell soon followed. Having conquered MTV, Dale started collecting gold-plated statuettes for TV commercials and film. His first short film “The Truth About Head” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and garnered 4 awards. To top it off, NOW Magazine picked him as one of the “Top 10 Canadians” to look out for future glory. (No word if he was ranked higher or lower than Justin Bieber.)
As a filmmaker, Dale has no boundaries. Elevating each piece is his mastery of the elements of filmmaking: that extra something extracted from each performer, an unexpected camera angle, the salient detail. And consistent through it all is that magnificent sense of story. That, and a kick-ass rock soundtrack.